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The Man Who Works For Something Greater Than Himself by Janice Tindle

2017 was supposed to be The Year of Me. After seven long years struggling to rebuild a new me and a new life after a 2010 car collision, I was so confident that I would have another crack at becoming … Continue reading

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The Invisible Imprisonment    by Janice Tindle 

I lie in my bed, I can not feel it’s comfort. The iron bands, tightly wrap my forearms, My hands feel the head of the hammer. “Just lie still and remain calm.” “Breathe.” The reign of pain is on the … Continue reading

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Dystonia Awareness by Janice Tindle

Today is May 8th. It’s Dystonia Awareness Day. I spent eight hours this week in the ER because of an overly aggressive PT appointment. The therapist had never heard of Dystonia. She was willing to help, but, she didn’t understand … Continue reading

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