#HAWMC “Favorite Health Advocates for TBI” by Janice Tindle 

The WEGOHEALTH Activist 30 Day Writing Challenge Day 15

“Time to spread the love. Shout out all your favorite
HA’s! Make sure to share a few sentences
explaining just how grateful you are for them.”
So just because I recently decided to leave Facebook doesn’t mean I didn’t meet some people there who’s work I admire. When it comes to advocacy for brain injury, there are quite a few that are doing outstanding work. They tirelessly run support groups and pages, weeding out the scammers, and monitoring the comments in hopes that no one with a brain injury has to endure anymore pain. That doesn’t always happen, but for the most part it does. Kudos to those run the support groups. 

Then there are the ones who advocate by writing about brain injury. There are a lot. Many websites, books and articles and magazines are available everyday online promoting awareness and sharing their stories.

There also those who do the work offline as well, running support groups, writing letters to authorities, even  giving  testimony at hearings in Washington.

They’re all Aces in my book!

But my favorite has to be The Brain Injury Radio Network. It’s talk radio for those wanting to learn and discuss the life of those with brain injury. 

I had the privilege of being a guest on one of those shows. The host became a friend of mine. Kim Jefferson Justus. You can listen to my interview here: http://tobtr.com/7902069

But that’s not why I’m saying they are my favorite. It’s because it’s survivors helping survivors. It’s comfortable and comforting to listen and feel understood. The guests are interested in helping and the topics are very useful. It’s home for a brain injury survivor. All you have to do is tune in, sit back and listen. When you are ready, you can call in and talk. That’s a big step forward in healing. I remember the first time I called in. I really felt empowered and content to express myself without fear of judgement. 

It’s also the place where I learned about the others who are doing such beautiful things for those with brain injury. 

I’m not going list them. I want you to find them yourself by going to the website and listening to past guests. You’ll find what you need and then you’ll be able to go in the direction that’s best for you. 

I nominated The Brain Injury Radio Network for a WEGOHEALTH Activist Award this year. That’s because they really are that good. 





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