HAWMC Day 6 “Wonder Woman” by Janice Tindle 

The WEGOHEALTH Activist 30 Day Writing Challenge Day 6 

“Superpower Sunday! If you had a superpower –
what would it be? How would you use it?”

Janice Tindle 1997 Photo by Daniel Tindle

This is easy. Do you remember the Micheal Keaton movie “Multipilicity?” He wished for multiple versions of himself so he could get everything done and please everyone. It’s hilarious. It seemed like a great wish to have and don’t we all wish we could clone ourselves everyday? 

I’d be preaching about Jesus, gardening, doing office work, writing books, doing artwork and decorating, working out and following a ultra healthy diet, making money, bargain-hunting, organizing and remodeling my house, my life and my mind, going on a holiday, being a stress-free caregiver with staff, and finding a cure for all that ails me. 

“All that ails me.” That’s a list so long it could fill a book. First, I’d like be rid of dystonia, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease and the effects of brain injury and aging. That would be awesome. To feel fabulous. But then I’d want the same for everyone else. I’d love to have no more pain, sickness or death or any kind. That would be awesome if I could do that. If I could make people, animals and the universe happy and perfectly whole. If I could cause every living thing to wake up every morning feeling peaceful, secure and fulfilled, I’d do it. If I could make love the primary energy of the entire existence of life both in heaven and earth and in all places near and far, I would do it. If I could hear voices of praise from the hills and valleys in the oceans and in the sky, I’d make it happen so that every heart would swell to its fullest measure. If I could create beauty so abundantly clear and exquisite that eyes would tear up, throats would form a lump and lungs would gasp in overwhelming joy, I’d create it. If I could make over every mind so that nothing negative, sad or painful ever entered or stayed, I’d make it so. And if I could give a never-ending faith of everlasting life with boundless possibly and perfect life, I would not take one second longer see that happen. 

But I can not do any of those things. I can only preach about them. I can only hope and pray that people will listen. I can only  pay attention to myself and my household to never lose sight of the fact that in spite of all the craziness in the world God promises that the day He will make all these happen will not be late. ( Hababkuk 2:3) 

And I can do all that I can now to make sure that I am there to see it. To see my love ones come back to life in a resurrection onto that beautiful Mother Earth with all its original glory and splendor. I will run to embrace them with tears of joy and arms open wide with my heart full of unbridled love at the reunion of our lives never to be separated again. We will laugh and dance, build and plant, sing and feast, and sit quietly at the end of each day and look at the glorious constellations and illuminating moon and praise Jah for the rest of eternity. 


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2 Responses to HAWMC Day 6 “Wonder Woman” by Janice Tindle 

  1. jlm12 says:

    Jan, I, loved your article and I feel the very same way about life. You describe it perfectly in an imperfect world. I know also that that day will come to pass hopefully in our lifetime. Every generation says their generation is worse then the last. i think we are well on our was of being the last.

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