Half A Loaf    by Janice Tindle


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 My husband is a plasterer, and as such he has some special acts of kindness bestowed upon him by satisfied and grateful homeowners for a job well done. We have received monetary gifts into my Helphopelive.org fund for my medical bills, a few gift cards to restaurants, a nourishing meal, produce from their garden, chocolates, fresh baked goods, or advice on what might help ease my pain. All these things are greatly appreciated. They always seem to come at just the right time to lift my spirits. I know they mean a great deal to my husband. We are always sure to ask God to bless them for their kindness.

 Then there are the ones who have allowed my husband to take time out from their own project so that he could take me to the doctor, or come home when I need him. In the early days, especially, it was a God send, because  I was screaming in pain with a migraine from a  car collision that left me with brain, inner ear and neurological injuries. These people are truly to be commended for their self-sacrificing empathy. Some did it more than once. God bless them.

 In this world where people are so selfish, greedy and myopic, it’s nice to know that there are still people out there that are willing to be a Good Samaritan and take on an expense, disappointment or delay because a disabled person would benefit if they did.

 My husband always makes sure he repays their kindness with a heartfelt thank you. He gives everybody his best always, but we remember the ones the who displayed kindness to us. Often times, he returns to do more work, and the first thing they ask is, “ How’s your wife doing?” This touches him, and me. And we are always grateful for the work.

 It usually doesn’t cost a lot to be kind. The reward is generally the good feeling that comes from the good deed, but I believe God does notice such things.

 Today, my husband came home with half a loaf of banana bread. The woman didn’t know a thing about me. She was just so touched by my husband’s comment, “Wow!” “Something smells wonderful!” that she gave him half the loaf.

 At the end of the day, they were both satisfied with a job well done.

Here are two other stories that I wrote about the kindness of strangers at The Mighty.com;


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1 Response to Half A Loaf    by Janice Tindle

  1. readmyphotos says:

    Kindness is wonderful. And it works both ways and that makes it double wonderful. In my life I am very grateful to those who where and who are kind to me, and I am just as thankful when I have the opportunity to share my kindness and gentleness with others around me. The world is big, and there are lots of cool people out there. As I go through life, I try to remember , each day, to be one of those who can add a cup of kindness to someone’s day. And that makes me happy!
    Great entry! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here on wordpress.

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