Walgreens – Whoo-Hoo! For Seniors! /Written by Janice Tindle

So today is Walgreens 20% off sale for seniors. Whoo- Hoo! My husband, not me, should be very excited. The last time they had this sale, he got Just For Men hair color.  If he had started this some years back, I would have thought,
” Ok, let’s push back time.”
But no.
He waited until his hair was completely silver and young girls at the check out gave him the discount for seniors without even asking if he qualified. This did not make him happy. I was all for him coloring his hair BEFORE now, but, better late than never, so one Sunday morning I awoke to find a chestnut colored haired man had made me breakfast. Quite a drastic change.
” Do you think people will notice?” he asked.
“No”, I said, ” It was so gradual, no one will notice.”
He laughed.
” Well, I was getting tired of looking like an old man and it was cheaper than buying a new sports car.”
I couldn’t complain. He was right. He did look better. Only, it wasn’t his original hair color, but close enough. Besides, I’ve been coloring my hair for, well, forever. So now he has joined the ranks. He also had a little something on my breakfast tray. No, not a rose. A plastic container with my vitamins inside.
” What’s this?” I asked.
“Oh, it was in the box. The gloves were in it. I thought it was great. You could use it as a pill-box.”
” O- Kay…” I said. And so we did. And I got pretty used to it, even though I have a pretty Bejeweled one. Then one day the unthinkable happened. We lost the lid. Well, you would have thought it was the Hope diamond! We looked everywhere for that stupid thing. And now, I kinda miss it. Guess I have to wait for him to buy some more hair color. Which brings me to today. Walgreens is having their sale. And I have a coupon. Whoo-Hoo!


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1 Response to Walgreens – Whoo-Hoo! For Seniors! /Written by Janice Tindle

  1. Cool essay! Yay, Janice!

    I haven’t started coloring my hair yet… although I have threatened more than once to dye it purple. My inamorata was not amused. Lol!


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