#HAWMC  A Letter To My Best Healthcare Provider   by Janice Tindle 

The WEGOHEALTH Activist 30/Day Writing Challenge Day 12

“Time to get real.Write a letter to the best or worst
healthcare professional you’ve seen. Don’t hold back!” 

Dear Sue, 

When I looked at this Writing Challenge, my first thought was to slam one of the doctors that treated me so badly because he was so absolutely unprofessional and irresponsible. He rolled his eyes, threw up his hands, wrote I was “suicidal. ” He actually walked out of the room and said, ” I can’t help you.” We were right next to a hospital with a mental ward. If I was what he said, why didn’t he put me there? Well, thank God he was such a completely ignorant jerk, because I had undiagnosed dystonia and a brain injury. I could have literally walked out of his office onto a bridge and jumped off, but I wasn’t actually suicidal. It was a combination migraine, dystonic storm, vertigo, anxiety/panic attack. Brutal. I was suffering from an inner ear disorder affecting my balance and having a dystonic storm. The migraine and vertigo followed after a ride on a bridge in the bright sunlight and then into a circular inside parking garage. Sensory overload. All he said was, in regard to my car accident, ” You should be better my now.” But, God was watching. I’m still here fighting. So who cares about that jerk. 

Let’s talk about you.

I meet you over 25 years ago. Yes, we’re coming up to 30 yrs and I expect us to be friends forever. 

You’re far from perfect, but you’re the most caring, long-suffering, empathic, loving, sympathetic, compassionate, warm and heartfelt person that I have ever known. 

Do you know everything? No. But you are open to learning and that’s what makes you able to have helped so many. 

I know how much you have helped me with some very serious infections over the years, and in fact, I can’t even remember the last time I had an antibiotic. You always seem to know the best supplement to take for what ails me. 

The thing I appreciate the most however, is that, for the most part, you taught me how to take care of myself. You support my writing, you tell me when I need adjusting. You taught me how to heal myself using God’s laws and principles, not man-made fads.  

Unfortunately, for both of us, we got into some serious accidents and so we had to deal with for the first time in our own  lives, things that just couldn’t be fixed. I had to suffer the consequences of that you weren’t able to be there for me, but because of what I learned from you, I was able survive. 

You helped me deal with that too. We mourned together, we’ve gone though caring for our fathers together, and now we are caring for our mothers together. It has caused yet another sacrifice and I’ve been relinquished for quite some time to just a quick email from you. ( Although that recent phone call was beautiful.) That’s because you have other clients, hundreds, maybe thousands, I don’t know, who request your attention everyday. 

That’s why I’m not giving your name out because you just can’t help anyone else right now. 

There are many wonderful people in the holistic field who are helping people and getting them better from their illnesses. I follow and really like quite a few. Some are like you, in that, they truly have good goals. You don’t charge your clients like some famous ones do, so you don’t live large and have a staff. That’s because most if your time is spent doing what you feel God wants you to do, which is give people the answer on how to achieve perfect health forever by concentrating on their spiritual health first. That’s what makes you a balanced person and a wonderful healer. 

So, I just wanted to thank you publicly for saving my life more than once, being my very best friend always and forever, and acknowledging you because I know that you’ve been though a lot and your faith, endurance and integrity has been an inspiration and has kept me from falling completely apart more than once. 

I love you immensely. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how to help myself and others.  Mostly, thank you for teaching me how to be a teacher too. 

With Gratitude and Admiration, 

Your Friend, 


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